Manning Publications announces the release of liveProject Certificates of Completion

New York City, New York Jan 31, 2022 ( - Manning Publications is prioritizing online learning by adding a Certificate of Completion to its liveProject learning platform.  This Certificate has been established to help learners showcase their knowledge and abilities in a specific tech/programming sector by completing a series of projects designed to enhance their skills.

This hard-earned Certificate rewards excellence demonstrated by completing projects that are part of Mannings innovative liveProject learning products.  For a short time, this certificate is free to those who want to build practical skills by immersing themselves in writing code or utilizing technology to build real projects.

With over 20,000 highly motivated customers, liveProjects are recognized for presenting real-world challenges. They use the learning by doing model, which has been proven to be the most successful way to achieve long-term retention of technical abilities. In addition, Manning offers its extremely highly rated (4.5 star average on Amazon) technical content to support the skills learned in the liveProject.  

Manning liveProjects provide the opportunity for individuals to grow their skill sets and prepare for the jobs of today and the future.  And now, through the liveProject Certificate, outstanding successful finishers will be rewarded for their hard work. 

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Excellent for:

  • Businesses that want specific training to make good technologists great
  • Colleges interested in tested, best-practice advanced tech/programming projects using the latest technologies
  • Individuals looking to provide proof of their abilities with multi-project portfolios 

To earn the Certificate, a learner must successfully complete all the projects included in a liveProject. (The number of projects ranges from one to five, depending on the specific liveProject.) The learners completed projects are tested to ensure that they work. The learner also takes an online exam as well as a video exam with a mentor, to verify that they did the work themselves. The Certificate of Completion is awarded as proof of the learners accomplishments and abilities.

Marjan Bace, CEO of Manning Publications, says

We started liveProjects with the understanding that learning by doing is a highly effective learning practice. Our goal was to create projects that would give practicing professionals exposure to, and experience with, an ever-changing array of technologies, allowing them to develop their skills and fine-tune their scope. 

For two years now, our users have shown themselves to be highly motivated by this mode of learning. In our surveys, our liveProjects customers consistently say they learned more deeply than using more passive approaches (like courses, videos and books). They report the experience as challenging, interesting, and even fun.  It has been clear all along that our customers are gaining skills that are highly valued in the marketplace. By creating a liveProject Certificate of Completion, we provide our customers with a way to be recognized for the practical know-how gained from learning by doing. We hope our Certificates will become a badge of honor for technical professionals.

About liveProjects

Each liveProject presents a challenge that a learner would face in industry, such as deploying a machine learning model as a microservice or using text analysis to detect a phishing website. liveProject participants complete realistic projects organized in achievable steps using carefully selected Manning book and video resources. While doing so, they have the opportunity to collaborate with others and a mentor. Tackling real scenarios, writing real code, and analyzing real data means the knowledge gained from working on a liveProject sticks for longer and at a deeper level. 

The selection of liveProjects is broad enough that participants can get training on the topics they want to learn while being exposed to the latest technologies. If they have trouble, help is available; and expert mentors are on call through liveProjects chat feature. Over 300 liveProjects are available covering a range of technology and programming topics.

Manning develops all of its liveProjects in-house with the same commitment to quality that customers expect and get from Manning books and videos. 

Here's what some of the participants have said about learning with liveProject:

I liked the format. The ability to work with your mentor and other students made the project seem more like a face-to-face project rather than a training course.
Billy O'Callaghan

Very good. Very helpful. Very clear. Exactly what I'd hoped for!
Carla Butler

The learning has been great, and I'm confident that I will be able to apply these skills in the real world.
Burhan ul Haq

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