The NABMW Installation of Officers Ceremony, Jan 14, 2023, Brooklyn, NY

The National Association of Black Military Women Installation of Officers ceremony is inspirational in nature and a must see historical event.

New York City, New York Nov 17, 2022 ( - The History:

The National Association of Black Military Women (NABMW) is an association of women located throughout the country who are veterans or current members of the United States Armed Forces. It was founded under the former name of "The Black WAAC, WAC, Women in Service."
Black Military Women existed or served during American Revolution, World War One, World War Two, and Korean Wars. There was no media, documentaries, or displays. Nothing in the history books. Black Military Women were not shown in war movies. Some of the members of NABMW are women who deployed overseas with the 6888th Central Postal Directory Battalion during World War II.

The Mission Statement:
To seek out, record, maintain, and tell the history and heritage of African-American Military Women who served and are serving in the United States Armed Forces.

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Their Motto:
"To Tell HerStory"

The NABMW Installation of Officers Ceremony will take place on January 14, 2023, in Brooklyn, NY. Women in the service, women veterans, and NABMW members will travel from different parts of the country. The NABMW Installation of Officers ceremony is an important ceremony. It is the first time that newly elected NABMW Officers are recognized publicly and officially as duly elected officers.

The incoming and continuing officers are as follows: Deidre Darden, Christine Lewis Cheryl Adams; Ida Goodwine; Judith Cotten; Latia Suttle; Stanlee Richards; Melissa Jones; Irma Cooper, and Dr. Annette Tucker Osborne (National President 2023-2025).

The ceremony is inspirational in nature and leaves the officers and the community with a sense of appreciation for the military service of black women and the volunteers who have taken an oath of office to continue carrying out the mission of NABMW.

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NABMW has a few chapters throughout the United States. Additional NABMW Chapters are forming across the country such as in Texas and in Chicago. The new NABMW leadership will plan to install a new Chapter in Chicago on Feb 17, 2023. 
The Chicago Chapter President will be Marine veteran, Arlene Duncan. Army veteran Bettie Vaughan who is also a Regional Chairperson for NABMW for the state of Texas and the South Central Region has been hopeful for a number of years of a Chapter forming in Texas. The year 2023 will be the year that a NABMW Chapter comes to fruition in the state of Texas. 



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