Announces the Expansion of the StemDefinit™ Robotic Surgical System

Fukuoka, Japan Aug 29, 2022 ( - Stem Tronics, an innovator in the rapidly emerging field of robotic-assisted laparoscopic surgery and a technological leader, is pleased to announce that the StemDefinit Robotic Surgical System has expanded its clinical acceptance to include a full range of hernia repair surgeries.

"The StemDefinit Robotic Surgical System's robotic hernia repair is a significant procedural area for our technology. Inguinal and ventral hernia repairs are among the most common surgical procedures performed worldwide. These operations are also one of the most rapidly developing applications of robotics in surgery. For the first time, the StemDefinit Robotic Surgical System, which provides robotic assistance in these surgeries, introduces a system with haptic feedback and attractive procedural costs, said Edmund Lowin, Chief Communication Officer.

The StemDefinit Robotic Surgical System will be used for unilateral and bilateral inguinal hernia repairs, as well as ventral hernia repairs, at a prominent hernia repair clinic in Japan that conducts a large number of hernia repairs regularly.

We are pleased to provide robotic hernia repair using the StemDefinit Robotic Surgical System, and all of our surgeries utilizing this cutting-edge technology have been completed with precision, safety, and efficiency. During delicate surgical operations, the 3D visualization and accurate control of the robotic instruments and camera are extremely beneficial. The system's haptic input is crucial because it allows surgeons to feel the placement of critical structures which are not usually visible, said Iwasaki Mao, President of Medical-Surgical Portfolio. The StemDefinit Robotic Surgical System represents a substantial advancement in the field of minimally invasive hernia repair, allowing surgeons to fully integrate robotics into their practice without having to justify significant additional procedural expenses, added Iwasaki Mao.

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About Stem Tronics is a pioneer in robotic-assisted, minimally invasive surgery and a technology leader in surgical operations. The robotic surgical system consists of a surgeon-controlled robotic platform with an advanced vision system and innovative equipment for performing standard and complex operating room procedures. Using the Stem Tronics surgical systems, surgeons can perform minimally invasive procedures. Delivering up-to-date technology is only the beginning for Stem Tronics. The company is also dedicated to providing the highest possible client service. In order to ensure that customers gain the most utility from the Stem Tronics systems, the company offers a comprehensive training and education program and first-rate customer support.


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